Nerve reflexology-Manual Neurotherapy

Nerve Reflexology (NR).

Nerve reflexology is a derivative of foot reflexology. Specific points on the bones of the foot are "reflective" in relation to specific nerves or nerve structures. Each point has a direct influence on one particular nerve or nerve structure and the tissues innervated by it.

The pressing of the points is done in a specific pain clinical reasoning process. See the page"Our Vision"

The therapist can embed the nerve reflex points in a set of other therapeutic techniques according to his own abilities.
Combinations with foot reflexology, massage, mobilizations, physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropraxis etc… are perfectly possible.

Manual Neurotherapy (MNT).

A treatment always includes interventions in the four pillars of the pain ("Our Vision") because they are inextricably linked to each other. Nature of the techniques and order of application is mainly determined by extensive anamnesis and tests of the nervous system.
All the interventions have the same goal: modulation and normalization of the four-pillar communication in the nervous system.

The applied techniques are:

  1. Nerve Reflexology
  2. Massage techniques on peripheral nerve pathways.
  3. Spine tuning: impulse mobilizations on the vertebral column to act on the spinal cord.
  4. Nerve mobilizations combined with nerve reflex points.
  5. Desensitization techniques for the peripheral and central nervous system.
  6. Foot reflexology for function improvement of organs and as a connection in the organ-brain axis.

Both the Nerve Reflexologist and the Manual Neurotherapist will pay a lot of attention to the coaching of the patient.

- A thorough explanation of how the complaints arise and are linked to each other.

- Advice on how to deal with the complaints such as: exercise, nutrition, lifestyle etc...

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