Nerve reflexology (NR) and Manual Neurotherapy (MNT) are original concepts of Frau Ellen Froneberg (D) (nurse, foot reflexologist) and her father Herr Walter Froneberg (D) (Heilpraktiker, Chiropractor).

Both developed the nerve reflex points on the foot for the peripheral nervous system and mobilization methods. 
The founders of MNT-NR International, Norbert Gosch, Griet Rondel and Nico Pauly deepened the techniques with several new nerve reflex points on the foot, new mobilization methods for the nervous system and a pain-clinical reasoning concept.

MNT-NR International gives various trainings in both Manual Neurotherapy and Nerve Reflexology according to its own concept as explained in our vision. This concept is internationally registered. 

These trainings are organized and managed by various institutions in various countries.


    Other countries.

    1. All trainings in other countries start with a training in Nerve Reflexology. Afterwards, the graduates can register for the further training in Manual Neurotherapy.
    2. Click on trainings of your choice in the seminar list for all further information.




    In both trainings, the following themes are dealt with in theory.

     - Anatomy and functions of the peripheral and central nervous system.

     - Important principles related to pain physiology.

     - Connections between the movement system and organs.

     - Connections between organs, their emotions and the brain.

    In Manual Neurotherapy, these and other topics are explored even more in knowledge.


    Nerve reflexology.
    - All nerve reflex points on the foot for all parts of the nervous system.

    Manual Neurotherapy.

    - All nerve reflex points on the foot for all parts of the nervous system.

    - Techniques on the body aimed at modulating nerve impulses from the peripheral, autonomic and central nervous system.

    - Foot reflexology for organ functions according to the anatomical-topographical methodology of MNT-NR International.

    The tutor team van MNT-NR International

    Senior tutors and Founders/directors of MNT-NR International

    Norbert Gosch (D): Heilpraktiker, Manuel Neurotherapist,Osteopath DO.CN®, Member of ACON (Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Chiropraktik/Osteopathie und Neuraltherapie Deutscher Heilpraktiker e. V.)

    Griet Rondel (B): Physiotherapist, Manual Neurotherapist, Neurodynamic techniques, Eastern meridian knowledge and diagnostics, Respiratory therapist.

    Nico Pauly (B): Physiotherapist, Manual Neurotherapist, Orthopedic Manual Therapist, Neurodynamic techniques, Professional Applied Kinesiology, Member of I.A.S.P. (International Association for the Study of Pain)

    Judith Sercu (B): Physiotherapist, Manual Neurotherapist, Orthopedic Manual Therapist,  Neurodynamic techniques, Professional Applied Kinesiology

    Affiliated teachers

    Dorthe Krogsgaard & Peter Lund Frandsen (DK).   Nerve reflexologists, foot reflexologists.

    Owners and tutors of

    Dr. Carol Samuel (U.K): Nurse, Clinical Reflexologist specialising in pain management education, Nerve reflexologist, PhD University of Portsmouth (An invesitigation into the efficiacy of reflexology on acute pain in healthy human subjects). Owner and tutor of Reflexmaster.

    MNT-NR International
    International Association for Manual Neurotherapy and Nerve Reflexology

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